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Patrick Callaghan Assistant Superintendent-Curriculum
  Debbie Conley: (614) 801-3033

Curriculum Team

Brian Bowser Executive Director - Elementary Education
  Debbie Conley: (614) 801-3033

Linda Kuhn Executive Director - Middle Grades & Achievement Data
  Julie Raines: (614) 801-3164

Dr. Erik Shuey Executive Director - Secondary Learning & Athletics
  Melissa O'Quinn: (614) 801-3085

Gwenn Spence Director - Special Education
  Sue Mulford: (614) 801-3017

John Bowen Coordinator - Alternative School Programs
  (614) 801-3477

Amy Schakat Coordinator - Career-Technical Programs
  Sue Bennett: (614) 801-3006

Margaret Towery Coordinator - Language, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Arts, Library
  Karen Little: (614) 801-3176

Michael Cox Coordinator - Math, Science, Physical Education, Health
  Karen Little: (614) 801-3176

Ed Kennedy Coordinator - English as a Second Language
  Regina Perkins: (614) 801-3073

Melvina Torbert Coordinator - State and Federal Programs
  Tammy James: (614) 801-8390


Elementary School Education

In kindergarten through fourth grade, students gain a strong academic foundation in reading, writing, spelling, and math. However, being successful in today's world takes more than just those skills. That's why South-Western gives its elementary school students an early start in building their listening, speaking, problem-solving, decision-making, and social skills. Courses like social studies, science, and health integrate these basic skills and teach students to use these skills daily.

Students also have the opportunity to explore their creative side through art and music, and their athletic abilities are nurtured through physical education activities.

Third Grade Reading Guarantee

The Third Grade Reading Guarantee requires school districts to offer parents of students that are retained an option to receive additional tutoring. Please contact your building principal to receive additional information regarding this opportunity.

South-Western City Schools is currently screening tutors for the purpose of providing reading support to Grade 3 students that have been retained as a result of the Third Grade Guarantee. Please contact Brian Bowser at 801-3033 for more information. The screening window will be open from August 6-August 27, 2014 and the application can be found here.


Intermediate School Education

South-Western's intermediate schools, grades 5 and 6, place a strong emphasis on literacy. Good reading, writing, and speaking skills are necessary to become life-long learners. Listening, speaking, problem-solving, and social skills are reinforced in math, science, and social studies. Courses such as these provide a challenging and integrated curriculum. Creative skills are nurtured through art and music, and athletic skills are developed through physical education courses.

Middle School Education

South-Western's middle schools, grades 7 and 8, place a strong emphasis on reading. Good reading skills are necessary to become life-long learners. Listening, speaking, problem-solving, decision-making, and social skills are reinforced in math, science, social studies, language arts, family and consumer sciences, and computer technology education courses. Creative skills blossom through continued participation in music and art, and athletic ability is heightened and refined through physical education classes and extra-curricular sports activities.

High School Education

South-Western's high schools and Career Academy place a strong emphasis on college/career readiness standards designed to promote rigorous course offerings which provide the foundation for a success path in life after graduation. To graduate high school, seniors must have passed all of the standardized state assessments, currently referred to as the Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT). Students who attend the Career Academy will also be required to pass their respective industry assessments in order to graduate. In addition, every high school student must complete the course requirements as outlined in the Course Description Book. High school students can choose from many courses according to their career goals, personal interests, and abilities. At the high school level, there are a variety of educational options available that promote student access to additional courses that could help them earn additional high school credits or to earn credits to a postsecondary school.

Career-Technical Education

The South-Western City School District's Career-Technical (C-T) education program offers many opportunities to South-Western students who are interested in pursuing a career after graduation. Students who pursue this educational path have the opportunity to take courses that may earn them college credit while in high school and continue their education at a two-year or four-year college or university.

C-T programs are located at each of the District's four high schools and the South-Western Career Academy. The programs are available to South-Western junior and senior students, who meet enrollment requirements. Students are accepted for admission into a two-year program on the basis of interest, scholastic record, attendance, career goals, recommendations, community service, course prerequisites, and extracurricular activities.

All of South-Western's C-T programs include articulated college credits, and mentoring and paid internship work-based experiences. Many of the programs also have industry certifications. For additional information on the programs, please visit


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